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How To Set Up Outlook Express

To send and receive email with your new address, you’ll need to enter some basic information into your email program. If you use Outlook Express (Microsoft Windows version), please open the program, then follow the steps below.

Note: If this is the first time you have opened Outlook Express, you may automatically see a screen asking for information about your email account. If this occurs, skip to step 3 below.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
    Selecting Accounts from the Tools menu

    Click image for full-size version.

  2. Click Add, then click Mail.
    Adding a new mail account

    Click image for full-size version.

  3. In the Display name box, type the name you would like others to see when they receive messages from you. Click Next.
    Inputting a display name

    Click image for full-size version.

  4. In the E-mail address box, type your complete email address. Click Next.
    Inputting an email address

    Click image for full-size version.

  5. In the Incoming mail server (POP3) box type mail.<enteryourfulldomainname> and in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) box, type in smtp.<enteryourfulldomainname> or if you are using your ISPs outgoing e-mail server then a name from the list below (i.e.

    Your ISP

    Their SMTP (Outgoing e-mail server)

    Shaw Cable shawmail* (under special arrangements)

    (You should use your ISP's SMTP e-mail server as above, unless you have made *special arrangements with to use our SMTP servers or if is your ISP)

    (Note: if you are using your domain's smtp server for outoging e-mail i.e., smtp.<enteryourfulldomainname> then you must enable SMTP Authentication in your E-mail client for your outgoing e-mails)

    Click Next.
    Inputting email server names

    Click image for full-size version.

  6. In the Account name box, type in the user name assigned to you (usually your complete email address including domain name).
  7. In the Password box, type your email address password. Click Next.
    Inputting an account name and password

    Click image for full-size version.

  8. Click Finish, then click Close.

And you’re ready to go. You can now send and receive email using your email address.